Fun  Food Tools

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The Tools:

20 cm (8 in) Fondant Rollers

12 cm (5 in) Cookie Rollers

6.5 cm (2.5 in) Cookie Stamps

Fun Food Tools makes texture tools for cookie and cake making.  This is all we do, and we hope you find the tools to be excellent in every way - good designs, ease of use and cleaning, and quality materials designed to last a very long time.  All the tools are physically carved (with an actual steel carving bit) on a rotary CNC machine for precision carving.  Physical carving (versus laser carving) is important because it results in a beveled edge making for an easy release from the cookie dough or fondant.  It also results in a very smooth background texture.  As well,  laser carving of either wood or acrylic also releases an ocean of smoke - not great in this day and age of significant air pollution.  So our stamps and rollers take longer to make, but they really do work better.  Many have copied our tools and stolen our images.  If it is not sold by Fun Food Tools, then it is not made by Fun Food Tools.  All have said our tools are better.  

8 cm (3.2 in) Cookie


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